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Growth Stage Private Technology Companies

Our Differentiation

AI Driven Deal Sourcing and Portfolio Company Value Creation

About Us

Pilot Growth Equity is a unique technology growth equity firm. All of our partners are founders of successful companies, and we understand the needs of technology entrepreneurs. We founded Pilot Growth Equity to bring entrepreneurs a platform to accelerate their growth.

We provide our portfolio companies a combination of world class operating, company building and advisory expertise, as well as global access to private and public sector customers.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges and rewards that come with building your own business. We also understand that there are many choices for growth capital, but that it is important to find the right investors to make a difference for your business.

Governments are the largest technology customers, and their policies, globally and locally, significantly impact technology innovation and adoption. One of the assets we bring to our portfolio companies is our knowledge of the business development and regulatory advisory needs of technology companies and private and public sector customers. Partnering with Pilot Growth provides growth equity, expertise and relationships to help your technology business scale.

Pilot Growth has offices in San Francisco and New York.

Our Culture

Pilot Growth Equity is a partnership built upon the Co‑Founders' long term relationships, shared values and entrepreneurial spirit. We are proud to work with one another and the talented and inspiring management teams with whom we partner.

Our partnership is built upon the following guiding principles:


Our Co‑Founders have spent their careers building technology businesses. We are passionate about supporting companies that are solving difficult problems and business needs. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our portfolio companies to help them build their businesses.


We think big. We are dedicated to solving hard and valuable problems and helping create companies that improve businesses, peoples’ lives and the world.


We are lifelong learners. We share our individual and collective experiences to learn from each other, our employees and all those with whom we interact.


We work together, and with our portfolio companies, as partners who can count on each other to bring the best of ourselves and our individual experiences to help each other reach the best outcomes. We succeed or fail together.


We value and are open to all points of view, especially ones that challenge our own, and we foster diversity and mutual respect in our partnership, management teams and boards.


We lead by example and conduct ourselves with the highest professional and ethical standards.


We live up to our commitments. We take ownership of our decisions and stand behind them, taking credit for successes and learning lessons from failures.


We are not intimidated by challenges or discouraged by naysayers. We find creative solutions to the hardest problems. We are driven to succeed and foster the success of those around us. We are passionate about achieving nothing less than excellence.


The work we do impacts not only our team, but our communities and the world. We are generous with our time, experiences, energy and resources to help our communities.


We love what we do.


Pilot Growth Equity is hiring for Associate positions in San Francisco and New York. The ideal candidates would have 2-3 years of experience as investment banking analysts (or similar experience) and possess a passion for technology, as well as strong analytical and writing skills.

Applicants should contact [email protected].

Pilot Growth Alumni

"Benefits of partnering with Pilot Growth have been immediate and substantial with the opportunity to tap into to their collective experience, vast business network, sound business advice and technology insight."

Zenedge Founders: Laurent Gill, Yuri Frayman, Alp Hug
(Zenedge: Acquired by Oracle)

"If you are looking for investors who know how to scale technology companies & understand the regulatory environment on all levels, from local to national to international, Pilot Growth will be a great fit."

Ramji Srinivasan, Co-Founder & CEO, Counsyl
(Counsyl: Acquired by Myriad Genetics)

Pilot Growth Current Investments

"We partnered with Pilot Growth to take Bizzabo to new heights by leveraging their valuable business network, vast experience in the tech sector, and unique model of supporting entrepreneurs with business development expertise."

Eran Ben-Shushan, Co-Founder & CEO, Bizzabo
Alan Alroy, Co-Founder & CMO • Eran Ben-Shushan • Boaz Katz, Co-Founder & CTO

"We were profitable and revenue funded and growing quickly on our own so it was a big step to take outside capital. The Pilot Growth Team were early believers in our product which was very important to us. They saw the larger opportunity for our data early on and have relationships and expertise that we believe will help us capture that opportunity faster."

Anand Sanwal, Co‑Founder & CEO, CB Insights

"Partnering with Pilot Growth has been a great decision for our company; they have been dedicated allies and have brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the relationship. We feel fortunate to have them on our team"

Nita Madhav, CEO, Metabiota

"Pilot Growth’s investment and expertise were critical to accelerating and scaling our work on the democratization of cancer care and helping us realize the potential of precision medicine."

Chip Petricoin, Co‑Founder & Chief Science Officer, Perthera

"We are thrilled that Pilot Growth is providing key relationships and expertise to help us make AI available as a service for business leaders across the enterprise."

Paul Breitenbach, Co‑Founder, r4

"The Pilot team's real-world operating experience shines through in how they advise us. It's a gift to have investors who understand and empathize with the challenges of high growth companies because they've been there."

Danny Maloney, Co-founder & CEO · Alex Topiler, Co-founder & Head of Product, Tailwind

"Pilot Growth has been instrumental in helping Velocidi grow sales and increase revenue by introducing us to their extensive and responsive network. We enjoy working with the team we look forward to continued success with Pilot Growth."

Paulo Cuhna, CEO, Velocidi

"Pilot Growth's expertise, network, and unique model for supporting entrepreneurs will help us to reach a larger ecommerce SMB market and grow faster."

Parag Mamnani, Founder & CEO, Webgility