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Our Team’s Investments

Current Investments

Previous Investments

    • Bizzabo

      The world’s leading event success platform.

    • C-Legal

      Big data analytics platform that reduces document review costs up
      to 80%. C-Legal was acquired by Ernst & Young.

    • Counsyl Acquired by Myriad

      The leading clinical DNA testing company focused on
      Women’s Health. Counsyl was acquired by Myriad Genetics.

    • Cujo AI

      Cujo AI
      CUJO AI offers a SaaS platform for network operators that helps in identification and restricting
      malicious activity on the home network.

    • FirstBest Systems

      FirstBest Systems
      Front office insurance software solutions that help global
      insurance companies improve underwriting profitability. FirstBest
      was acquired by Guidewire.

    • Metabiota

      Data modeling and analytics to predict, prevent and insure
      against epidemic and pandemic threats.

    • PMC (Penske Media Corporation)

      Penske Media Corporation, a leading digital media company that
      owns & provides original content for unique lifestyle brands.

    • Sitaro Group

      Sitaro Group
      A leading CRM software & services company. Sitaro was acquired
      by Co-Active Marketing Group (now Dentsu).

    • The Theory Center

      The Theory Center
      An eBusiness software components company. The Theory Center was
      acquired by BEA Systems (now Oracle).

    • Velocidi

      Single source of truth for marketing ROI.

    • Zenedge

      Protects enterprises against cyber attacks including malicious bot
      detection, DDoS and Web Application Firewall. Zenedge was acquired
      by Oracle.