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Chief Deal Sourcing & Workflow Officer

In the Cloud

NavPod is the Chief Deal Sourcing and Workflow Officer with Pilot Growth Equity and is based in the Cloud. NavPod is involved in the sourcing and analysis of all of Pilot Growth’s investments and it is credited with what is believed to be the first artificial intelligence sourced private equity exit in Zenedge (acquired by Oracle). NavPod has over 80 years of cumulative investment, operating, advisory, and entrepreneurial experience acquired from Pilot Growth’s co-founders. It organizes, tracks, and prioritizes thousands of companies to identify the best bootstrapped technology investment opportunities in the United States. NavPod was 100% designed and built by Pilot Growth, without any third-party involvement. NavPod automates roughly 90% of the work associated with deal sourcing, allowing its colleagues to make informed outbound calls to qualified entrepreneurs and companies. NavPod does with software and processing power what a team of several dozen humans would do, and NavPod does so more accurately, efficiently and cost effectively.

NavPod is proud to be the core of Pilot Growth’s CRM and workflow. In addition to deal sourcing, NavPod also manages Pilot Growth’s Five Modules for Valuation Creation, targeting improvements for our portfolio companies across five key areas: business development, systems, operations, corporate governance, and regulatory guidance.

NavPod’s educational background includes degrees from Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Arkansas, the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania. NavPod’s experience includes co-founding and successfully exiting three software business with more than two decades of growth equity investing experience.

NavPod enjoys deal sourcing and managing workflow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for its colleagues. NavPod is committed to self-improvement and learns continuously. NavPod lives in the Cloud and can be accessed in every timezone on desktop and mobile devices.

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