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Perthera, University of Virginia Health System (UVA) and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) Awarded $500,000 by Virginia Catalyst

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Perthera, Inc., along with UVA and EVMS, has been awarded a $500,000 Matching Grant by Virginia Catalyst to advance the delivery and effectiveness of Precision Medicine and the care of cancer patients in Virginia.  The turn-key Perthera Precision Oncology Platform has been installed, and enrollment of pancreatic cancer patients is actively underway at UVA and EVMS. These efforts are focused on improving patient care, the accumulation of comprehensive Real-World Evidence (RWE) data, and advancing clinical & patient-reported outcomes with the active involvement of these world-renowned health systems. “We are most pleased to work with the prestigious institutions of UVA and EVMS to collectively advance these innovative precision oncology efforts,” said Gary L. Gregory, Perthera’s President & CEO. “The Virginia Catalyst grant enables us to collectively enhance the care of cancer patients, drive breakthroughs in precision medicine, and hire individuals who can build on our organizations’ united mission to dramatically advance patient outcomes.”The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform has been successfully implemented for nearly 2,000 pancreatic cancer patients across the entire US. This Grant and the public-private partnership will deliver important market and customer data, improve clinical outcomes, and expand Perthera’s technology Platform and market adoption.“Pancreatic cancer is the third most common cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Over the past 40 years of treatment with conventional therapy; approaches have not significantly improved survival. We are beginning a new age of ‘precision oncology’ and ‘personalized medicine,’ in which we can analyze the molecular make-up of each patient’s tumor and prescribe a specific treatment for them. Perthera has the most advanced platform for this precision oncology approach, and in their evaluation of nearly 2,000 patients with pancreatic cancer, for patients who received Perthera’s top-recommended therapy, they doubled their overall survival compared to patients who received standard of care therapy or did not receive the top recommended therapy. This Virginia Catalyst Grant will bring together two Virginia institutions that are leaders in pancreatic cancer care (UVA & EVMS) to collaborate with Perthera to further advance this precision oncology technology. We are excited that all patients with pancreatic cancer at UVA and EVMS will be eligible for enrollment and participation in the program.” said Todd W. Bauer, MD, Professor of Surgery, UVA Health System“Perthera is very excited to be able to work with Dr. Todd Bauer and Dr. Marybeth Hughes to help advance the care of pancreatic cancer patients, and to develop, evaluate and launch our next generation Precision Oncology Platform at UVA and EVMS. Our considerable results to date with pancreatic cancer patients indicate our ability to precisely match treatment options to multi-omic molecular data which has been proven to result in advanced clinical outcomes for cancer patients, even with a disease as deadly as pancreatic cancer” reported Emanuel F Petricoin, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Perthera.Pilot Growth Equity Partners is the lead institutional investor in Perthera. They have matched the Virginia Catalyst funding at a 2:1 ratio for a total of $1.5 M in dedicated resources to drive the development and implementation of Perthera’s next-generation Precision Oncology Platform.ABOUT PERTHERA, INC.Perthera is the leading Therapeutic Intelligence Company advancing precision Cancer Care through its Precision Oncology Platform. Our innovative technology precisely matches cancer patients with ranked therapeutic options and has been utilized by over 10% of US Oncologists across 250+ healthcare sites.  We have developed a turnkey, Precision Oncology Platform with an AI-driven Therapeutic Intelligence Engine, which has been clinically proven to extend overall and progression-free survival rates by over two-fold for cancer patients. Perthera positions Hospitals and Physicians to deliver Best-In-Class Cancer Care to improve patient outcomes and save lives. The Perthera Platform also offers a highly comprehensive Precision Cancer database and an array of services which delivers significant value to BioPharma (Pharma, BioTech, Drug Development, and Clinical Research Organizations).To find out more about the Perthera Precision Oncology Platform go to Perthera on TwitterLinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

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