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William Lee Receives Perseverance Award in Singlehanded Transpac - Pilot Growth Equity
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William Lee Receives Perseverance Award in Singlehanded Transpac

On June 19, the 22nd Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race sailed a 2120 nm course from San Francisco to Pu’u Poa Point on Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Eleven entrants made the journey, ranging from an Olson 25 to a J/109. Racing under StFYC’s burgee aboard Sea Wisdom was William Lee.

He provided the following account of his journey:

After 18 days at the ocean alone, I grew as a human being with newfound gratitude.

With 200 miles to go until the finish line, I realized my rudder was dropped to a point of not being able to steer the vessel. Unfortunately, my backup steering system, the Hydrovane, was also jury rigged due to a missing bolt. With the liferaft and abandon ship bags prepared, Sea Wisdom and I had to limp across the finished line.

I was about to quit the race and detour to another port for repair, but I changed my mind because of the support from everyone. I had to cross the finish line! And we did it.

I was awarded the Perseverance Trophy for this insurmountable challenge to get across the finish line. I think the award should go to the people who supported me along the way and after the race. They persevered.

William will be sharing an account of his journey in the September issue of the Mainsheet, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can follow his incredible story as told through his race journal on Facebook.

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