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Demand Gen Report

Bizzabo Launches New Virtual Event Solution

Bizzabo, an event success platform, has partnered with global video technology provider Kaltura to launch Bizzabo’s Virtual Experience Solution. A direct response to recent event cancellations due to COVID-19, the new solution is designed to enable event marketers to broadcast

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CNN Business

Metabiota on CNN Business: Everyone wants insurance against the next pandemic

Metabiota on CNN Business. It’s too late for this pandemic. But everyone wants insurance against the next one.

Businesses around the world are facing catastrophic losses as the novel coronavirus forces them to scale back operations or shut down entirely, and most don’t have insurance cover for pandemics. Companies are now racing to buy protection against the next outbreak, insurance experts say.

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CEO Playbook

William Lee Mentioned in CEO Playbook

William Lee Mentioned in CEO Playbook.

It is a gold mine of lessons learned from the most talented Silicon Valley legends but from the perspective of one of the biggest tech business failures. As some of us are going through growth phases of different technology companies, I couldn’t help myself recommending this film to you guys as founders, CEOs, and investors. 

We often learn about many success stories and lessons learned from success stories. But I think the best lessons learned are from failures, especially from the smartest people’s failures.

I hope you guys will find time to watch this.

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